Madagascar is the largest island in the Indian Ocean. Home to unique wildlife, pristine beaches, and magnificent rainforests, Madagascar is a place everyone should visit at least once in their lives. Here are a few more reasons why.

Spectacular Whale Watching

Nature lovers will be left speechless after witnessing the migration route of whales that pass by the island twice a year. Sainte-Marie island is the best place to admire a whole legion of humpback whales between July and September. From October to December is the time to see baby whales and their mothers bask in shallow waters in the north west.

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Koba Cake

Often served with vanilla ice cream, this traditional cake is made of peanuts and rice flour. You can grab a piece from a local street vendor or from a supermarket.

Koba Cake | gaelgogo | Getty Images

Isalo National Park

Millions of years ago, this natural wonder was located beneath the sea. Today, this park covers almost 200,000 acres. It is home to an abundance of wildlife and natural pools for an epic outdoor adventure.


Here is another one for the foodies. Romazava is a traditional meal that is served as a soup with different, local leaves and meat. It is also sometimes served vegetarian.

The Baobab Trees

Known as the bottle tree, the baobab is also called ‘reniala,’ which means ‘mother of the forest’ in the Malagasy language. These trees have become iconic to the landscape and form a vast forest in the southern part of the island. These natural jewels are mesmerizing and can reach up to almost 100 feet tall.

Baobab Trees | Graphic Node | Unsplash

Affordable Stays

If you are looking to stay for an extended amount of time, Madagascar offers affordable living options. You can find a hearty meal for only about $7 and basic hotel rooms start at $15/night.


Between May and October, Madagascar offers ideal surfing conditions. These areas are located in the southernmost or northernmost points of the island. In 2003, Madagascar opened a surf school in Mahambo, where beginner and experienced surfers can enjoy the incredible waves that the island offers.

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The Bemaraha Tsingy

The Bemaraha Tsingy is a world heritage site and the oldest national park in Madagascar. This spectacular mineral forest is located on the western coast of the island, and its stunning views are certainly worth the trip.

Bemaraha Tsingy | airspa | Getty Images