Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous? Some celebrities try to make it seem as if they live normal, everyday lives but we know better.


Stay One Degree has released some of the most outrageous things their guests have requested. The private social network is where the wealthy go to book lavish holiday getaways. Started by a couple of friends with a love for travel, they started the site after getting tired of staying in hotels and rental homes where the furniture wasn’t up to par. After a trip to New Zealand, they decided to test out a new concept, only renting from people they knew and trusted. While reconnecting with friends that had stunning homes, they received recommendations and introductions to mutual friends. With the business being open for less than a year, only launching in December 2017, Stay One Degree already has 10,000 members with access to properties in 54 countries.


Photo courtesy of Stay One Degree


The world’s 1% request more on vacation than ocean-view rooms and maid service. According to the Business Insider, here is a list of the craziest demands from the wealthy:


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  1.  A shark tank installed in the property.
  2. A Panic room to be included in or connected to the main bedroom.
  3. Helipads on the grounds of the property.
  4. A live-in portrait painter to capture the family holiday.
  5. Stocked wine cellars with 30-year-old Bordeaux and 50-year-old whiskey.
  6. Bullet-proof glass in the main rooms.
  7. Private coastline and or private beach access.
  8. Tree-houses in the garden for the children, with amenities like electricity, running water, a movie theater, and a game room.
  9. A private zoo and live-in exotic animals, specifically a tiger.
  10. Personalized wardrobes with stylists on hand.


The most popular request is for a helipad. The company saw a 500% percent increase so guests can avoid the hassle of public airports, to stay “off the grid.”