It’s a known fact that black people have a different experience while traveling. Depending on where the destination is, black and brown people of all walks of life receive both the good and bad side of traveling. And while we continue to share all the great things we experience on the road, sometimes all it takes is one reminder to bring us back to reality.

Luvvie Ajayi is an award-winning author and icon of what black girl magic really looks like. Her words have put her on everyone’s radar, and she’s been nonstop ever since. But just because you’ve reached the top doesn’t mean you’ll always be treated as such. Earlier this week, the New York Times Best Selling author recalled a recent trip she took where her driver mistreated her.

Luvvie reminded us that when someone is provided with a professional driver, the driver is supposed to open the door for you, grab your luggage, and treat their clients with respect. This wasn’t the case for the Awesomely Techie creator.

For those that may not know, Lyft or Uber drivers are not required to open doors for their passengers. They don’t even have to wear a uniform; however, professional drivers are required to wear a uniform of some kind and opening the door is a must, regardless of race or sex.

As if that wasn’t enough, Luvvie was more shocked at his next move. After grabbing her luggage like it was a favor, the driver hopped back in the car. Luvvie stayed in the back seat, door still not opened on her behalf.

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Luvvie said there was no way he would have treated her like that if she was a white dude in a suit. She’s probably correct. There have been several stories of black travelers that haven’t been treated fairly based on the color of their skin. What hurts the most is the fact that black people know if their skin tone were fairer, there wouldn’t be an issue. Unfortunately, this wasn’t her first time having this type of experience. While we hope it’s her last, common sense will tell you that it won’t be.

Many of the Rants and Randomness podcast host’s followers supported her and joined in on the conversation on what its like to be a young, black woman traveler.

Luvvie’s experience reminds us that while it feels good to travel, we still have to remind ourselves that discrimination is out there to this day.