One doesn’t think of prison cells when considering places to lay your head for vacation, but if you have some type of curiosity about them, this hotel in the UK is open for business.

The Corbigoe Hotel in London has a room that is almost smaller than a jail cell. Marketed as a “single room,” the room goes for as little as $39.00, going up to $71.00 depending on the season. Product testing site, Which? reviewed the room and measured the tiny bedroom at just 32 square feet. How big is a prison cell? According to the American Correctional Association, a cell is supposed to be a minimum of 70 square feet, with 35 square feet of space to move around.

The review said the room is filled wall to wall, literally, with a narrow bed and one window, giving views of some stairs. It does have a bathroom, which ups the total square footage to 53 square feet, smaller than the average parking space. The room in its entirety is about the size of Singapore’s new 50-square-foot A380 first class suite. Do we really want to even fly in something that small? People who have claustrophobia, beware.

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But you don’t have to spend much time in the room. Travelers may want to take advantage of the budget hotel. It leaves room to spend while touring with the hotel being closely located to the Westminster neighborhood, home to Big Ben and Queen Elizabeth’s Buckingham Palace. Corbigoe rates include complimentary breakfast and a discounted parking rate. You can breathe now because they also offer larger rooms.

The trend of tiny hotels isn’t just a European thing. Ironically, they are all over the United States. The Longman & Eagle hotel in Chicago has rates starting at $95 a night as well as the Hotel Covell in Los Angeles, with their ‘Chapter 2’ room being the smallest available. The cleverly named Sleepbox Hotel is in Moscow, Russia, which is ideal for travelers with an itinerary and the Peng Heng Space Capsule Hotel, located in Shenzhen, China provides minimum but necessary amenities like TV and wi-fi.