The new “American Hustle” trailer spotlights a Black New Yorker who is eager to look for more exploration while navigating life in Ukraine in an oncoming post-pandemic world. Produced by Gregory Kucherkov, the 7-minute edited clip exposes to the viewers to how different the post-Soviet culture of Ukraine is compared to North America, specifically through a Black traveler’s perspective.

The show follows a Black protagonist who becomes an English teacher in Ukraine at a local ESL school. “American Hustle” will feature one individual traveler and country every season to display the expansive nuances that come with culture shock.

The intimate camera crew documents each episode around the daily lifestyle that natives live in the country, in contrast to the foreign American traveler who has relocated for a new career opportunity. Through a reality show perspective, “American Hustle” will film continuous moments that the Black New Yorker will experience as a minority in a European country. The trailer shows the Black ESL teacher’s living space and the certain debacles they will encounter just for existing as Black person in a predominantly white community of foreign people.

The comedic elements of “American Hustle” lie within the social interactions between new foreigners and how each other adapt to meeting vastly different people who come from contrasting socioeconomic backgrounds. Those somewhat awkward moments will all be captured on screen and there was even a racially-charged incident recorded between a homeowner in Ukraine and the Black expat. The former New Yorker was nearly forced out of his living situation because of the color of his skin, and the series follows him receiving his COVID-19 vaccination during his new life in Ukraine.

The “American Hustle” trailer is hoping to pique public interest, so it can be green-lit for a television channel soon. The debut season would continue to follow the Black ESL teacher through a unique environment where he is providing educational services for another country while facing the customary racial discrimination that is prevalent in Slavic nations.