Lewis Hamilton is ‘honored’ by Brazilian citizenship consideration as the Formula 1 star reveals that he wants to spend more time in the country. It comes as no surprise that Hamilton has developed a love and appreciation for Brazil, after all, he won the first of his seven drivers’ championships at the São Paolo track in 2008.

With that in mind, Hamilton’s affinity for all things Brazilian just got a bit deeper as the prospect of his Brazilian citizenship is being decided on.

A bill to make Hamilton an honorary citizen was proposed by congressman Andre Figueiredo after the massively successful Formula 1 Racer won last year’s Brazilian Grand Prix, where he donned the Brazilian flag while fans chanted his and Senna’s names. 

The bill has yet to be voted on in Brazil’s parliament but presidential hopeful Ciro Gomes has supported Hamilton’s citizenship, posting on social media: “Hamilton, you already live in our hearts. With the honorary citizenship, you will be even closer to us.”

The ongoing adoration for the country started long before Hamilton was ‘honored’ by possible Brazilian citizenship or even before Hamilton claimed his first world championship there in 2008. His love for Brazil is said to have stemmed from his idol, legendary Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna who was one of three Formula One drivers from Brazil to win the World Championship, 41 Grands Prix titles and 65 pole positions. Senna fatally crashed in 1994, during the San Marino Grand Prix.  

Since the Australian Grand Prix on April 10, Hamilton has traveled to both Kuala Lumpur and São Paulo. While arriving in Brazil to deliver a keynote speech, Hamilton had another chance to express his love for the South American country. After posing yet again with a Brazilian flag, Hamilton said at the VTEX day event: “I want to spend more time here in Brazil”

“It is such a beautiful culture. I’ve only been to Rio and São Paulo, but I want to come back for Christmas, New Year or something”

Neymar invites me every year, and Gabriel [Medina] invites me every year, but I never had the chance.” Hamilton also stated. Hamilton joked: “I’m waiting for my Brazilian passport.”

Time will tell if Hamilton’s new Brazilian life is to be a dream-turned-reality. The Brazilian parliament is set to vote on a motion inviting Hamilton to become an honorary citizen. In the meantime, Hamilton and fans shared Brazilian memories from the racer’s career, manifesting the greatly appreciated and highly anticipated citizenship: