There’s nothing like seeing the earth from the air, and flying in a glider is one of life’s most tranquil experiences. Here are some beautiful locations that are famous for glider flying and offer introductory flight lessons.  

Omarama, New Zealand

New Zealand is arguably one of the most prolific gliding countries in the world, and Omarama is one of their most famous glider towns. The town sits between two mountain ranges and is home to Glide Omarama, a glider flying operation popular with veterans and newbies alike.  Sign up for one of their introductory flights and experience New Zealand’s breathtaking mountains, rivers, and lakes from a whole new perspective.

Western Cape, South Africa

Take in South Africa’s stunning coastline against the backdrop of its impressive mountains far away from the tourist crowds. South Africa boasts a strong soaring community and world-famous gliding schools. Located about an hour’s drive outside of Cape Town, Cape Gliding Club in Western Cape offers introductory flights as well as beginner courses if you want to take your training to the next level.

Melbourne, Australia

Visiting Melbourne? Take a day-trip one hour west to Geelong Flying Club. They offer “Fun Glider Flights” so you can take in the beautiful Australian landscape from a unique vantage point. 

Boulder, Colorado

Next time you’re in Boulder, try out a glider flight at Mile High Gliding, located only ten minutes from downtown Boulder. So, you can take in the beautiful Colorado landscape from the air during the day, then dive into the Boulder nightlife.

Innsbruck, Austria

Nestled in the Austrian Alps, Innsbruck is the fifth-largest city in Austria and is already well-known for its winter sports. You can view the surrounding snow-capped mountains and gorgeous rivers and lakes by taking a tranquil glider flight with Mountain Soaring. Sitting at just a 30 min drive from both Germany and Italy, glider flying in Innsbruck could be the perfect addition to an epic Eurotrip.

Like skydiving, glider flying is heavily dependent on weather conditions. Be sure to call ahead to book appointments.