Written by Alyssa Bierzynski

Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean, is an up-and-coming destination spot with something for everyone, from relaxation to adventure. But to really experience Grenada like a local, you need only be ready to have a good time liming with food and friends. First up, gather your friends, drinks, and food for a traditional beach lime, river lime or waterfall lime.

Here’s What to Do:

Go to Bingo: Whether it’s the weekly Wednesday Night Bingo at Prickly Bay Marina or a larger bingo event at the National Stadium, one thing is certain: Grenadians love bingo.

Go on a hash: Exercise + liming = hashing. Hashers – drinkers with a running problem – meet every Saturday at a predetermined location (usually a rum shop or sports field) for a run or walk on a set trail.

Follow your favorite live band: Live band music has been regaining popularity in recent time, with many of the local bands developing a strong and loyal fan base. Popular nights for live music are Wednesday nights at True Blue Bay Resort, Friday nights at Prickly Bay Marina, Saturday nights at Junction Bar and Venus Bar, and Sunday evenings at Umbrellas Restaurant.

Play mas’ in August at Spicemas: While similar to other carnivals in the region, what makes Spicemas unique is its J’ouvert, when thousands of Jab-Jab revelers take over the streets.  

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Here’s Where to Eat: 

From quick, casual fare to fine dining, the Grenadian culinary landscape features a variety of international cuisines, so there’s no shortage of good food in Grenada. To sample some of Grenada’s finest local cuisine, check out these monthly and weekly events:.

Mt. Moritz West Indian Breakfast: Held on the first Sunday of the month, the community of Mt. Moritz hosts a traditional West Indian Breakfast with a buffet offering of Grenadian favorites including saltfish, smoked herring, fried jacks, fried bakes, coconut bakes, ground provision, pig foot souse, and cocoa tea.

Sunset City Food Festival: Victoria, St. Mark is the home of the Sunset City Food Festival. Happening on the Saturday closest to the end of the month, “Food Fest” features a range of local dishes such as a variety of “waters” (lambie (conch), goat, crayfish), tania log; fried fish, fried chicken and fried breadfruit chips.

Street Food Wednesday: Wednesday night at True Blue Bay Resort is a great place to find Grenadian and Caribbean dishes – oil down, curried goat, bake and shark, and barbecued chicken – in one place. Not to be missed is the selection of house-made ice-cream with local flavors such as nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, coconut, soursop, and Grenada chocolate.  

However, there’s no need to wait for a Wednesday or the end of the month to get a Grenadian food fix. Restaurants such as Andy’s Soup House, Belmont Estate, Creole Shack Restaurant, and The New Nutmeg Restaurant serve delicious local dishes daily.

What to Bring Back Home

When it comes to bringing a little bit of Grenada back home with you, it may pose a bit of a challenge to pack the nutmeg ice-cream that you fell in love with in your suitcase. Fortunately, Grenadian rum and chocolate are easy alternatives, as are guava jams and jellies. You can also pick up handmade jewelry and accessories made from recycled and eco-friendly material or skin care products made from organic ingredients like cocoa butter. Support a local artist by purchasing a painting from one of the art galleries, and of course, don’t leave Grenada without your nutmeg.