New Orleans is intimately familiar with alcohol to say the least. However, for people who don’t imbibe, there are options. Today is National Sober Day, and that serves a two-fold purpose. It raises awareness of alcoholism. It also challenges the notion that the presence of alcohol is essential for a good time. The pressure to drink is everywhere from advertisements to pop culture. With so much temptation, those trying to stay sober feel like they’re swimming against the tide. Here’s what to know about the non-alcoholic bar movement in New Orleans, and how it is slowly, but surely, changing what it means to have a good night out.

Sober Bar Babe – A Mobile Non-Alcoholic Bar

Sober Bar Babe is a mobile bar in the area of Louis Armstrong Park.

In addition to non-alcoholic beverages, founder Rhadell Green also sells a variety of snacks. Her journey to getting her business underway wasn’t problem-free.

In an interview with Eater New Orleans, Green said, “I’ve gotten a lot of pushback — been attacked verbally, had my business discriminated against and had everyone tell me to sell alcohol, but I can’t be bullied.”

Dream House Lounge

Founded by David Wallace, Dream House Lounge promotes wellness. With this in mind, he serves “conscious cocktails,” which are basically mocktails.

Aside from this, guests can utilize the oxygen bar. This space appeals not only to sober people, but those hoping to detox after drinking alcohol elsewhere. There’s also a wellness studio that offers yoga, sound baths and more.

Sites For Non-Alcoholic or Low ABV Drinks in NOLA

Some traditional bars offer an extensive list of non-alcoholic options. Copper Wine, Saffron Nola and Bar Tonique are a few examples.

For something in between, try Cure or The Elysian Bar. Both offers low ABV drinks.