Pop-up hotels are gaining popularity among people who are always looking for something different in terms of entertainment. Fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is the latest brand to open a pop-up hotel, and this one comes with $139 worth of free chicken.

Named “House of Harland,” the pop-up hotel will be open in London for 11 nights between August 18 and 29 — a nod to the 11 herbs and spices that go into its chicken. Harland is a reference to Colonel Harland David Sanders, KFC’s founder.

According to a KFC press release, a black Cadillac, which KFC calls the “Colonel mobile,” will pick up guests and take them to their accommodation, where their own “chick-in” clerk will greet them. 

To please KFC fans, the company is working on decorated aspects such as a red KFC-themed arcade machine that stands next to a brick wall with an “It’s finger lickin’ good” sign written in neon lights, and a private movie theater to delight the guests.

Did we mention the “press for chicken” button that signals the chicken-concierge service for you to order free chicken?

“Expect to see drumsticks in the detail, from bedding to wallpaper to an Arcade Machine and towel — fried chicken will never be far from your thoughts,” KFC said in the release.

As Business Insider reported, a one-night stay will cost $154 (£111), and guests can get up to $139 (£100) worth of free chicken during their stay.

Interested guests can book only a one-night stay for a maximum of two people, according to Hotels.com, which will take the hotel’s bookings starting August 11. But, plan wisely because two of the eleven nights are blacked out for select KFC guests, and one is for a KFC competition winner. 

To book you stay, head to the designated campaign website, by clicking here.