With more than 20 years of experience, Karen Arrington has helped more than 1,000 Black women level up in their business opportunities through travel. 

The Miss Black USA CEO and founder created what’s called “The Next Level Retreat” that allows women to engage in activities including, dining with government leaders,  mentor local businesses women, and prepare them to serve all while traveling abroad. In one of her recent trips to the Middle East, women had the chance to get an inside look at how multi-million dollar businesses are run.

Arrington’s goal is to show women how to transform their lives and their businesses into global opportunities.

“Women are still fighting for their fair share of wealth and still staggering behind men. And for women of color, the gap is even wider. Travel can help you discover hidden opportunities and resources that you’d never even considered before,” she told Travel + Leisure.

A trip to the West African country, The Gambia, is what inspired Arrington to help women expand their companies internationally.

It was during that trip where Arrington joined more than 100 other women in mentoring local businesses, discover new service projects, and reclaim their roots, she added.  

In addition to helping Black women expand their business opportunities to abroad, she is an award-winning author.

In her book titled, Your Next Level Life, Arrington outlines seven rules of power, confidence, and opportunity for Black women and showing readers how to create the money they need through grants, awards, and scholarships.