JetBlue will soon be offering basic economy ticketing options for their airplanes and the company isn’t too thrilled about it.


The popular airline decided that it would begin offering the new seating option due to stiff competition from other airlines such as American Airlines, Delta and United, who already offer the option. JetBlue president and COO Joanna Geraghty issued a statement about the change, which she deems necessary to keep up with the other companies. 


“At JetBlue, we never liked the ‘no frills’ approach,” Geraghty wrote, according to Business Insider. “But with these competitors now offering basic economy on many routes we fly, Customer behavior suggests our success is at risk if we do not disrupt this market by lowering fares without sacrificing the experience.”


This new seating package will start sooner than you may think just a few short months away in 2019. Though the cheaper seating option may sound appealing to some different travelers, many wonder how the change will affect the comfortability of airplane passengers. Some airlines who have basic options make passengers fork up extra money if they want overhead storage or specific seat choices.


However, JetBlue vows that many of its amenities will still be available to passengers who choose the basic economy deal. Geraghty adds in her memo that these customers will continue to have “the full JetBlue experience.” This experience includes, but isn’t limited to, snacks on their flights, sizable legroom and free movies to watch. What basic economy passengers may miss out on, however, include “things like boarding order, seating, and change/cancelation flexibility.”


If the lesser prices are worth it, the missed amenities might not be such a dealbreaker. Let’s see how passengers feel about the change when it comes to JetBlue in a matter of months.