The Caribbean island nation of Jamaica is home to various elaborately spiced dishes, including the worldly popular jerk chicken, rice & beans, and plantain meals from Jamaica’s best restaurants. The tropical country has become a desirable destination for those travelers seeking to experience life untethered by the ramifications of the pandemic in the United States.

While American businesses and events slowly open back up, many are choosing to book flights to places like Jamaica to get ahead of the low-costs flight deals and indulge in some fine foreign cuisine that may be hard to come by in their native cities. Here are 10 eye-watering Jamaican restaurants and road stands that you can only find when you land in the paradisaical country.

National Heroes Park

Photo Credits: Kevin Sanon

National Heroes Park is where you can find a row of food stands that line up at the entrance of the historical Jamaican park. Located in Kingston, the park is a country landmark that is home to many statues in remembrance of some of Jamaica’s most prominent figures.

The food stands that are widespread in this area incorporate traditional Jamaican spices into their own family recipes, which makes for the most authentic bites of true Jamaican cuisine. The low-costs ingredients and high-quality measure of food makes this area one of the best tourist destinations if you are looking for traditional and tasty Caribbean dishes.

Miss T's Kitchen

Photo Credits: Jonas Allert

Located in Ochos Rios, Miss T’s Kitchen is a casual diner that gets busy fast. The perfect beach landscape and unique dishes that include curried goat and grilled lobster make this restaurant a must-see occasion. Tourists will surely be transported into the local experience of how Jamaicans live and dine on a daily basis with Miss T’s Kitchen’s expansive menu options.

The popular juices are great ways to quench your thirst in the beaming Jamaican sun while you soak in all the immersive country has to offer.

Aunt Merle's Fish Shack

Photo Credits: Benno Klandt

Aunt Merle’s Fish Shack fuses the flavors of Africa and Jamaica together to enhance their traditional recipes. This shack is located off of Hellshire Beach, which is a lively destination for travelers who want to consume the fresh catch of the day.

Local fishermen supply their sea proteins to restaurants and diners for further usage, and they follow a fresh seafood directly-to-consumer experience. Their popular shrimp recipes and sweet marinades make for the best food occasions. The low-cost dishes are what attract so many worldwide visitors, and Aunt Merle’s special recipes of course.


Photo Credits: Pushpak Dsilva

Scotchies is the restaurant to visit for the best Jamaican jerk chicken in the island nation. The establishment has become widely known for their authentic spices and take on a traditional Jamaican dish. There is always a line at Scotchies, but the wait is well worth it, especially considering the way they slow-cook their poultry.

Scotchies chefs smoke their chicken meat on logs of Jamaican trees that is an indigenous practice from the people who first settled on the island centuries ago. The restaurant offers other side dishes that would usually pair with a Jerk chicken meal order, the doughy “festivals” are a great addition to a hearty dinner.

Sweetwood Jerk Joint

Photo Credits: Akemy Mory

The small Sweetwood Jerk Joint is perfect for a quick bite before a long day at the beach. The shack is known for having a wide variety of proteins to pick from, including pork and lamb that can be transformed into a Jamaican Jerk-spiced dish.

If you want to embody the Jamaican spirit and sit at this shack and talk to some Jamaican locals, then this is the spot for you. Its outdoor space is great for chowing down on the decadent meal you are about to eat while experiencing the normal life in Jamaica that is so beautifully charming to its locals.

M-10 Bar And Grill

Photo Credits: Ronise Daluz

M-10 Bar And Grill is normally a crowded establishment that has the social aspect of a traditional bar. The bar and grill menu are nearly the same length, meaning indulge in some local alcoholic beverages while you cool off of the heat from your Jamaican Jerk seafood dish.

The Kingston restaurant has all-you-can-eartcrab on Tuesday nights, which is a popular weekly event for young locals. All main courses can be served with rice & beans or sweet potatoes that are popular side dishes to Jamaican seafood meal options.

Reggae Jammin'

Photo Credits: Mark Deyoung

Reggae Jammin’ is a quick-stop restaurant where consumers can expect to be dined at a quick rate compared to the other Jamaican restaurants in the area. The establishment takes a more healthy approach to their Jamaican dishes that includes all the traditional herbs concerning poultry and ways chicken can be incorporated in other ways such as their chicken burgers.

The low calories menu options makes this spot a good place to check out if you are feeling too full from the other local dishes that Jamaica has to offer.

Murphy's West End Restaurant

Photo Courtesy Of Jarritos Mexican Soda

Murphy’s West End Restaurant is on the western region of the island and is an epicenter for local fun and breathtaking coastal views. Coconut’s used for water and Red Stripes are served with authentic Jamaican dishes.

The restaurant has hammocks hung throughout, which makes it the best place to get some rest after consuming a comfort meal. They are very popular during breakfast hours for their recipes that are inspired from the native morning meals Jamaican families would eat on a normal basis.

Veggie Meals On Wheels

Photo Credits: Rodnae P.

Veggie Meals On Wheels is an auto-mobile food shack located in Kingston. The environmentally-conscious truck is a converted U-haul that the owners transformed back in 2010.

The vegetarian eatery became an oasis for locals who want to eat clean or practice a vegan lifestyle. The truck has become increasingly more popular because of how the green establishment takes Jamaican dishes and turns them into vegan meal alternatives. Their healthy stews are part of what makes the food truck still a must-visit.

Little Ochie

Photo Credits: Denis Agati

Little Ochie is a hidden gem in Jamaica because it is away from all the tourist-filled resorts and landmarks. The establishment is located in the fishing village of Alligator Pond and has been open since 1989.

Fishermen’s boats will slowly arrive while you wait for your meal and take in the scent of salt and flourishing tropical nature. Little Ochie is a shack that locals want to keep more of a secret to keep the customer traffic flow to a normal cadence.