BudgetAir is an online agency that offers affordable international flight tickets. The competitive budget flight agency was founded in 2011. The company is based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands, but has offices in the United Kingdom, India, the United States and Singapore. BudgetAir helps people all over the world find and compare both short and long haul flights in order to ultimately book the best discounted flight. Planning travelers can take advantage of the exclusive deals available on BudgetAir’s website for thousands of destinations. 

The services that the company provides are a great resource for people who want to travel and save money for the activities they want to do at their chosen destination. In the days of skyrocketing airfare prices, resources that do the groundwork of sourcing budget-priced flights are wildly important. While travelers should consider the safety level of each airline, especially budget airline options, BudgetAir makes it easier to decide between flights that may be the best for those with a tight budget. Given that BudgetAir pools cheap flight options for its users, some travelers may feel that the low-cost options are unsafe or too good to be true. This, along with reviews claiming that the company charges additional fees and has poor customer service, has led the company to acquire a questionable reputation.

Is BudgetAir a Legit Travel Agency?

BudgetAir is an international travel agency that has acquired a dodgy reputation but still is a popular tool for travelers. 
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Technically, yes, BudgetAir is a travel agency. The company has acquired all the required licenses to provide travel agency services. This includes memberships and accreditations from the American Society of Travel Agents, the Airline Reporting Corporation, and the International Airlines Travel Agency Network. So, travelers can be assured that the company is legitimate.

How To Use BudgetAir

Travelers do not need to know a substantial amount of information to use BudgetAir. All travelers need to know to utilize the company’s services is their departure location, ideal destination and potential trip dates. Once those factors are input into the site, BudgetAir presents the top flights and fares. The website and ticket service are quite easy to navigate. Since the website is categorized by popular destinations, special discounts and many more helpful subjects, it is a solid resource to use for travel research. The website even includes the BudgetAir blog which has travel recommendations and provides travel inspiration for its users. 

Ticket Service

The company offers a ticket service that provides financial protection. The AirHelp+ service provides flight delay (overbooking or cancellation) compensation. BudgetAir also offers travel protection packages that entitle customers to a full refund. The protection packages safeguard travelers in the case of cancellations by providing funds for emergency services, luggage reimbursement and other concerns. 

BudgetAir Tips and Tricks

BudgetAir is a travel company that retrieves the best and cheapest flights available. Learn ways to use the platform to your advantage. 
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Of course, when planning to book a budget airline it is important to remain open about the possibilities. Since the company sources budget flights, travelers should keep an open mind concerning their routes and trip timing. In order to book the most affordable and convenient flights, travelers may need to exercise some flexibility or decide where they feel comfortable cutting corners. Since the company does not have the best reviews for their customer service, travelers should be mindful of any issues that may arise. This is important for travelers who may encounter problems with flights or cancellations, especially if protection packages are not purchased through the company. 


Travelers should check out other resources on BudgetAir’s website. Users of the travel company can plan their itineraries and book their accommodations and transportation online. Because travelers can book multiple aspects of their trip at one time, BudgetAir is a great platform that provides nearly holistic travel planning. There is even easily accessible travel planning help. Travis, BudgetAir’s 24/7 chatbot, can help travelers with booking on the company’s many websites (based in different countries and in different languages). With all of these helpful features and despite BudgetAir’s questionable customer service reviews, travelers can still utilize the services of the company to curate the perfect getaway.