Each year, there’s a different theme for Earth Day. This year the theme is, “invest in your planet.” Take the time to do these little things to help the earth. “We need to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably). It’s going to take all of us. All in. Businesses, governments, and citizens — everyone accounted for, and everyone accountable. A partnership for the planet,” encourages EarthDay.org.

Join the over 2 billion people celebrating Earth Day this year and invest in your planet. Here are 25 things that you can do to help the earth. Just one small drop can cause a ripple. Be the drop in the pond of change.

1. Grow something

tayphuong388, Pixabay

Grow something! Anything. Grow a houseplant, plant a garden, or a tree.

2. Drive less

Drive less. Bike, skate or scooter your way around. Ebikes are a good option for commutes.

3. Choose sustainable travel

Choose sustainable travel options. Accommodations and transportation can be sustainable. Use electric vehicles, sail instead of cruise. Pick hotels with sustainable initiatives or awards. Even activities can be centered around saving and sustaining the earth.

4. Skip fast fashion

Skip fast fashion. Fast fashion ends up in trash dumps. It is a wasteful habit. Buying something new now and then isn’t the same as constantly gorging on fast fashion items with little quality and a low price tag.

5. Change your lightbulbs

jplenio, Pixabay

Change your bulbs. Start buying LED lightbulbs to minimize your energy usage. Then, just change them one at a time. A small change, a little at a time.

6. Clean up

Clean a beach or a park. Even if it’s just one bag full, take time to pick up your local beach or park.

7. Take a trip for the environment

Travel for the environment. Instead of laying on a beach, take a trip and help baby sea turtles get to the beach. Or, go somewhere and help a community rebuild from a natural disaster. Travelling to care for the planet is rewarding.

8. Don't be a litterbug

Don’t litter. This goes without saying. But, someone somewhere may need the reminder.

9. Eat less meat

Eat less meat. Raising cows causes a ton of pollution. Eating less meat will lead to less demand and therefore less production. This directly translates to less pollution.

10. Plant your Christmas tree

Hunt_er, Pixabay

Plant your Christmas tree each year after the holiday is over. You can get a tree with the root ball still intact. Keep it moist while you enjoy the holidays, then unwrap it, dig a hole and fill it in. Easy as pie.

11. Pull weeds

They say pulling weeds is a meditative action. So, take an hour to pull the weeds instead of using an herbicide. It’s much better for the planet and can help your mind and soul as well.

12. Use clean energy

Increase your use of clean energy. Add solar to your home. Or, install a wind turbine. The invest required to complete these big projects are well worth the return.

13. Don't throw your furniture away

Upcycle furniture. Instead of buying a new dresser or desk, refurbish the one you have. Paint it. Put on new hardware.

14. Use your phone to take notes

Instead of writing down notes on pieces of paper, use your notepad on your phone or tablet. It reduces the use of paper and you can always keep track of your notes.

15. Set your cruise control

Toby_Parsons, Pixabay

Use you car’s cruise control. Cruise control keeps the speed at the most gas economic position.

16. Stop using plastic waterbottles

Buy a reusable water bottle. Yep, this is a sign to go shopping at Target. But, only for the water bottle! Save over a thousand plastic containers a year by using a water bottle.

17. Grow your own food

Grow your own food. Plant a garden and grow the vegetables that you love.

18. Go fishing

Fish for your dinner. Know a good fishing spot? Go grab a couple of fish from the water for dinner instead of buying fish from the grocery store. Overfishing has caused depletion of certain species. So, getting only as much as you need helps the environment.

19. Landscape with your neighborhood in mind

Landscape with flora and fauna that are indigenous to your area. Things that grow naturally where you live will require less manual watering. Using just the rain to water your yard cuts down on water usage.

20. Turn off your laptop

WOCInTech, Nappy.co

Turn off your laptop at night. You aren’t using it anyway. This one’s easy to do, it’s just remembering to do it.

21. Hang your clothes to dry

Dry your clothes on a line. Skip the dryer and dry your clothes on a clothesline. The freshness of line dried clothes is incomparable. Plus, you won’t have to waste power on the electric dryer.

22. Shower together to save

Share the shower. Take a shower with bae to conserve some water. Wash each other’s hair as a romantic bonus.

23. BYOB

BYOB. Bring your own bag. Get some reusable bags for your groceries. Skip using plastic or even paper bags at the store by bringing your own. Reducing waste is simple, especially when you get to use cute bags.

24. Don't litter

Yes, most people don’t litter. But, you may know someone who does. Littering is bad for the planet, so keep the trash where it belongs; in the trash can.

25. Visit your local farmer's market

Innviertlerin, PixabayGo to the farmer’s market to get the best produce. Buying from the farmer’s market also supports small business. It’s a win, win.