Getting into some of the most lavish airline lounges in the world isn’t as simple as walking into the front door. Traveling with the airline frequently or having a certain credit card can get you into a few of the clubs listed below, but not all. A few of these clubs are so exclusive you will have to secure an invitation.

The kind of travelers who have their luggage packed on their behalf and employ at least one full time driver are likely the same kind of travelers spotted at these airline’s luxurious lounges and exclusive clubs. Some choose to skip owning a private jet, and instead choose to travel commercial. While statistics point to commercial airline travel as the safer of the two options of travel, there’s also the air of service that a traveler can get accustomed to when flying on the more luxurious side of commercial airlines.


Some clubs/airlines invite families into the lounge with business and first class tickets, or with certain credit cards or membership levels. The most lavish airline lounges in the world cater to the VVIP, or very, very important person. Some of these lounges are so exclusive they are by invitation only.

Diamond Invitation


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Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific has two invitation only clubs, the more prestigious being the Diamond Invitation. The open lounge, the Marco Polo Club, offers a champagne bar, shower studio and the Cabana suite, where you can “enjoy a quiet, private sanctuary at one of our five stylish Cabanas for a restful or productive break. Each temperature-controlled Cabana comes with a large bath and rain shower, comfortable day bed, and ample working space with outlets and connectivity.”

So, just imagine what the Diamond Invitation has to offer. All before even boarding the aircraft.

First Class Terminal

Instead of a simple lounge, Lufthansa has created a completely separate terminal for first class ticket holders in Frankfurt Main International Airport. Arrive to the terminal and go through security before heading to the lounge area. Once there, you will find a cigar bar, whiskey room, a full bath and sleeping areas.

Emirates: iO


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The iO, better known as Invitation Only, is Emirates secret tier, established over a decade ago. According to Executive Traveler, “Receiving your iO card for the first time is also a special moment – rather than being sent by mail, you’ll find it personally delivered to your home or office by a senior Emirates sales manager, along with a Mont Blanc wallet, matching luggage tags and a book in an iO-branded goody bag.” The membership is good for two years and comes with a membership for a friend or family member.

Chairman's Lounge

This invitation-only lounge by Qantas changes the artwork every four days to keep the most discerning aesthete. Located in the major cities of Australia, these six lounges offer full meals, an escort to the gate and limousine service at your destination.

Saga Lounge

Spend your pre-flight time staring at Snæfellsjâkull glacier from the viewing window at Saga Lounge. Offered by Icelandic Air, the Saga Lounge entices its guests with warm fireplaces, full meals, a family area and showers with towel service. Offered to certain credit card holders as well as airline members, a plus one can also enjoy the lounge.

Executive Club Premier

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Executive Club Premier is a part of British Airways that offers its guests premium access to the Concord Room. The Concord Room caters to pre-flight passengers with a full dinner in the private dining room. There are cabanas, bars and an outdoor terrace.

Executive Club members are taken by Jaguar from the lounge straight to the airplane. Qualifying for the Executive Club is a mystery.

United Polaris Lounge


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Available to international premium cabin guests, the United Polaris Lounge offers fliers a pre-flight meal, a full buffet and a curated list of wines and mixed cocktails.

According to the page’s description of the United Polaris lounge, “If you’d like to freshen up, our spa-like shower suites feature Sunday Riley’s hydrating body wash, shampoo and conditioner developed exclusively for United. You can also sit back and relax in the tucked-away Quiet suites, complete with daybeds and soft lighting, which will put you in the right mindset for a restful flight.”

The Deck

Opened about a week ago, The Deck, in Hong Kong International Airport is a huge, new airline lounge. For first and business passengers, this new lounge has eight shower suites, a terrace and a living room area.

The most talked about portion of this new lounge is the noodle bar. Taiwanese beef noodles and wonton noodle soup are among the top favs.


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Not Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse, Virgin Atlantic at JFK Airport in New York City offers their Clubhouse guests luggage storage, showers, a la carte food items and cocktails. Plus, “if you’re in a playful mood, the entertainment zone has an iconic red ball sofa, alongside a pool table and other games. It’s a fun place to lie back, make new friends, and watch the world go by.”