An intoxicated sex worker bites off part of tourist’s ear lobe while on an open top bus in Pattaya, Thailand.

Kannika Kamton, 25, was severely intoxicated ‘from alcohol’ when she jumped onto a bus as it stopped at a traffic light. Allegedly, Kamton then straddled a passenger, 55 year-old man, and bit his lobe off. Witnesses mentioned that she swallowed it ‘without chewing’ following the assault.

Other passengers watched in horror in the Sin City Pattaya area as the man’s ear bled profusely, according to reports.

Kamton then tried to escape and run away from the scene while the passenger screamed in agony. 

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What we know:

The passenger was taken to the hospital after officers bandaged his torn ear.

Police lieutenant colonel Saijai Kamchula reported that ‘An officer took control of the attacker, but she kicked the officer with her feet and resisted arrest, so extra help was needed to restrain her.’

According to the Metro’s reports, the victim ‘wants to have the woman detained and prosecuted,’ Mr Kamchula said.

Pattaya, or ‘Sin City’, is famous for its sex work industry and its 24-hour adult entertainment and clubs.

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