Seoul, South Korea, announced they will be going into the metaverse at the top of 2023.

This will completely alter the way citizens navigate through their daily lives. With Korea looking to implement a contactless communication platform by the end of 2022, the soon-to-be-launched service will allow locals to interact with each other and go to city engagements through the form of their individual avatars.

There will be virtual reality headsets used to enter the metaverse where people can attend cultural events, watch city official congregations, and of course, shop.

Seoul is hoping to have its “Metaverse 120 Center” established, which will serve as the ultimate virtual city hall. This will allow direct virtual communication with local officials and residents can make public inquiries about community regulations and legislature.

The headsets will cost around $300.

The mayor of Seoul is constructing a “Five-year Metaverse Seoul Promotion Master Plan” to help terminate the bounds of distance and allow a free-range realm where communication and interaction possibilities are limitless.

The city is taking major steps to build more “smart cities” in its South Korean borders. To reinvent what urban cities can possibly look like and what services they can provide for their citizens. This means that there may be a new digital currency used in the metaverse to purchase goods and products for your avatar and real-life items.

Also, there will be more ways to visit other destinations with your virtual body that will hopefully make spaces less populated.

Virtual landmarks will be digitized for tourists and residents to visit regions of the country that are hundreds of miles away. Outside just making everything more accessible, the digital realm can make travel much easier, efficient, and sustainable.

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