Sydney, Australia is becoming a popular destination for American travelers this year. It’s increasing popularity is mainly because several airlines have been running insane flights deals to the area over the last few months.

If you are planning to head ‘down under,’ check out these photo-worthy locations in and around Sydney. Your Instagram followers will thank you.

The Sydney Opera House

When people think of Sydney, the Opera House is probably one of the most popular landmarks they associate with the city. The Sydney Opera House is definitely a must-see while you’re in the area. In addition to getting the perfect shot, you can also catch a show inside. Be prepared to fight lots of other tourists trying to get their perfect IG shot too.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor


The Sydney Harbor Bridge

This bridge is another iconic landmark associated with Sydney. This amazing location sits on the same harbor as the Opera House. You can get both shots without having to go far. The bridge also looks impressive at night. So no need to rush out during the day to get your photos.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor


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The flower wall at Social Hideout

This super adorable cafe can be found near the Green Square subway stop. After you grab your favorite drink, get your camera ready for a full photo shoot. There are several photo spots set up inside. You can get a shot in front of the full-length flower wall with a neon sign displaying the words ‘Hello Gorgeous.’ The entire ceiling of the cafe is also covered in colorful flowers. There usually are cute displays set up for guests right outside the cafe as well.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor


The rainbow book wall at Green Square Library

I stumbled upon this IG gem after searching hashtags before my trip. You can find this colorful display of books in the main tower of the Green Square Library on the first floor. The library is directly across the street from the Green Square subway stop, so it’s very easy to access. Keep in mind; it is a functioning library so be mindful of those studying or reading.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor


A street shot in the Central Business District (CBD)

The Central Business District of Sydney is where a lot of action happens. You can find many restaurants and bars in this area. You will also be in the mix of locals coming in and out of work during the week. Get your “Sex and the City” on with a dope shot in the streets of the CBD.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor


The murals at Bondi Beach

If you head out to Bondi Beach, you will find that the main boardwalk is filled with several murals from local artists. Pick your fav and snap a shot for the ‘gram.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor


The Icebergs at Bondi Beach

If you check any of the hashtags from those who have visited Bondi, you are likely to see the Icebergs. The Icebergs are a set of infinity swimming pools that look out into the ocean. You can either pay to enter the pool club that houses them or you can simply snap a shot from several overlook points above the club.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor


Honorable Mention: holding a koala in Cairns

This IG-worthy moment can’t happen anywhere in Sydney. You will have to book a flight or bus ride up to Cairns. It is 3-hours by plane, and many local airlines have daily service. Under Australian law, you cannot hold koalas anywhere in Sydney and New South Wales (the state in which Sydney is located). You can find a koala reserve at Kuranda Koala Gardens which is a 30-minute bus ride from the Cairns city center. Yes, they are as cute as they look.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor