When it comes to producing fantastic coffee, so many African countries have a lot to offer. If you’re a coffee lover or simply someone with an insatiable desire for cute places to brighten up your Instagram feed, you’re in for a real treat. The continent, often known for its wildlife and stunning landscapes, also boasts an equally captivating burgeoning cafe culture. With their warm lighting, colorful furnishings, and inviting seating areas, these cafes around Africa are sure to satisfy your hunger and wow your followers.

Truth Coffee Roasting – Cape Town, South Africa

Start your trip in the Mother City, Cape Town, where a gem called Truth Coffee Roasting awaits. Indulge in more than just a cup of coffee at this cafe, housed in a historic building with a steampunk twist. Truth Coffee Roasting’s features include industrial machinery, eccentric gadgets, and an ambiance that will take you down memory lane. Your Instagram followers won’t believe their eyes when they see your photos from this spot.

Naguib Mahfouz Cafe – Cairo, Egypt

Located in the middle of Cairo’s dynamic metropolis, Naguib Mahfouz Cafe offers a tranquil retreat from the constant motion of the city. The cafe’s position in the heart of the Khan El Khalili market provides an authentic Egyptian experience. With its traditional decor, ornate lanterns, and views of the historic market, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy Arabic coffee or shisha. Plus, you can enjoy all this while taking in the sights and sounds of Cairo.

Endiro Coffee – Kampala, Uganda

Next, head down to a pleasant, ethical coffee shop in Kampala, Uganda. All three meals of the day are available here. In addition, they have their signature coffee blends that you can try, such as the Iganga Frapper, a contemporary frappe espresso with milk, dark chocolate, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream on top.

Art Cafe – Lagos, Nigeria

Art Cafe is not just a cafe; it is also a gallery, a shop, a lounge, and a cultural hub. You can enjoy a delicious meal or a refreshing drink while admiring the paintings, sculptures, and photographs on display. You can also browse the books, magazines, and souvenirs on sale or unwind on the plush couches while listening to music.

The Daily Grind Cafe + Kitchen – Gaborone, Botswana

A highly regarded and much-frequented cafe, The Daily Grind Cafe + Kitchen is the place to go in Gaborone. The cafe is known for its coffee but also has a wide selection of tasty meals. Whether you need some breakfast or a caffeine fix to get you through the day, The Daily Grind Cafe + Kitchen will become your new favorite hangout spot.