These days, there isn’t a shortage of black travel influencers on Instagram. Over the past year, we have watched the first documented, black woman travel to every country in the world and cheered on the Travel Channel’s only black, female host.

Here are some of our favorite travel photos and black travel influencers from 2019 to inspire your love of adventure and art.


in 2019 Jessica Nabongo made her mark in history as the first documented, black woman to visit every country in the world. This image, taken in Seychelles, is a celebration of her arrival at the final country in her inspiring quest.

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Some of the most powerful images on Instagram can be found here. DapperLou captures black bodies as breathtaking works of art. Not only do his images inspire travel and adventure, but they also inspire a desire to create.


Kellee Edwards made history by scoring a hosting gig on the Travel Channel in 2017, and her photos from the past year continue to amaze and inspire her nearly 100,000 followers to travel the world and to walk fearlessly into your dreams.

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Lee Litumbe makes this list based on the sheer magnificence of her photos that sparks wanderlust in anyone who views them. From France to Morocco, this professional traveler, photographer, and storyteller allows us to see the endless beauty the world holds.


While many Instagram influencers love to turn the camera on themselves, Jibril captures the vastness and power of nature in his photos that inspire nature-lovers and adventurers across all corners of the globe.