Head into the jungle in Tulum, Mexico and you’ll find the SFER IK Museum inside of the Azulik Resort and Hotel. A stunning, biophilic design created by Eduardo Neira or Roth, SFER IK is a modern wonder filled with natural and manmade elements. 

A combination of lush greenery and ivory concrete walls, SFER IK is the perfect place for snapping selfies and photo opportunities as you walk amongst the exhibits inside. It costs about 10 dollars to check out the museum and, upon entering, guests are instructed to remove their shoes and enter the museum through a large, circular, glass door frame. 


A space where nature, art, and ancestral wisdom come together, SFER IK host a variety of open-air concept art exhibits throughout the year from creators and artistic innovators across the world. Some of the most cutting-edge workshops and artistic residencies have lived in the museum and visitors flock from near and far to take in the natural beauty of the space. 

Wooden floors and bridges fill the modern structure and its design is very similar to the Azulik Hotel, which was also designed by Roth. 


Surrounded by the jungle, SFER IK is encased in fiberglass and wood, providing natural sunlight from every angle. Large tree trunks protrude from the floor into the ceiling and make you feel like you’re standing outside while indoors and round, lightweight pillows sit off in corners for resting. 

Past art exhibits at the museum include works from artists such as Oskar Metsavath, Kelly Akashi, Bianca Bondi, and Gabriel Rico. Currently, the museum is hosting exhibits featuring Cecilia Bengolea, Aki Inomata, and Sissel Tolaas. 


SFER IK is also very active in the community and provides art workshops and classes for children to encourage creativity, cultural inclusivity, and education. Next time you’re in Tulum, swing by the SFER IK Museum to learn, explore, and be engulfed by nature from the inside out.