When NYC native Ebony and Atlanta- based Sophia met on Instagram, they had an instant friendship connection. The two had a lot in common, including their love of travel, with both having done a great deal of solo traveling. They eventually started a travel business together, Global Escape Travels.

“To be honest, the idea of starting a travel company came across our minds separately,” says Ebony. “We both stated that we wanted to start a travel company that incorporated people that have never traveled or have traveled alone to first experience our travel style with us. It was a no- brainer that our connection would make that happen!”

Both avid travelers who enjoy true authentic cultural experiences with a mix of adventure and content creation, the business partners officially met in person for the first time during Global Escape’s very first trip to Guatemala. Together they hosted eight women on a fun and memorable tour of the scenic Central American country.

Photo credit: @photographerchefchaouen

On their most recent trip, Global Escape again hosted eight women who typically traveled solo. This time, they visited Morocco for an epic 11-day road trip throughout the country.

“We visited Marrakesh, Fes, Dades, and Chefchaouen, and spent two nights in the Sahara Desert. We were able to split up the 10+ hour drive by stopping and touring other cities.” 

The ladies came from all over the US, including places like California, New York, Louisiana, Atlanta, and Florida. Despite having to accommodate eight different styles and personalities, Sophia and Ebony say everyone got along well and felt comfortable with one another right from the beginning of the trip.

Photo credit: @photographerchefchaouen

One of the activities they enjoyed was experiencing the ultimate in relaxation and pampering at a hammam, which they loved so much they did twice. They visited the city of Fez, with its famous leather tanneries, and purchased custom handmade leather jackets. The ladies also visited the charming blue city of Chefchaouen, marveling at its picturesque beauty at every turn.

But the highlight of the trip was having the opportunity to experience the vast yet beautiful Sahara Desert. There the ladies met Moroccan nomads who taught them about their lifestyle and culture.

“We visited their home and drank traditional Moroccan tea prepared by them. We were able to see how they made their homes out of cloth and camel skin. We saw how they cook their meals using fire and stones. We also learned that they migrate from place to place when food in that area is completely out. They migrate with camels and leave almost everything behind.”

Photo credit: @photographerchefchaouen

The group attended a cooking class in which they prepared a dish of chicken and beef with vegetables and rice in a traditional Moroccan household. In the Sahara, they also enjoyed a sunset camel ride and spent two nights glamping in luxurious accommodations.

“Sleeping in the desert was definitely a unique experience but everyone’s favorite part of the trip besides the hammam bath. We were greeted by the Somali men with music straight off of our camel ride to the campsite and danced the night away. We had family-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which was all delicious.”

This year, Global Escape is hosting a trip to Zanzibar, and next year, Egypt and Turkey. To learn more about their upcoming trips, visit www.globalescapetravels.com.

Photo credit: @photographerchefchaouen

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