If you listened to the latest episode of The Friend Zone Podcast, then you heard Assante’s crazy Airbnb experience. If not, here’s a recap:


Assante went down to Atlanta for the weekend. He decided to book an Airbnb that was centrally located to transportation and other things to help his trip go smooth. The house was listed by a young black woman and seemed to have great reviews and nice pictures.


Prior to arriving, he was told that he could check-in at 1pm. Once he arrived, the prior guests had not officially left, so he was told it would be another 15 minutes. Those 15 minutes turned into an hour of waiting to check-in.


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After Assante checked-in, he checked the house for the basics, there were none. Simple things like a cup to get water were nowhere to be found. Instead of getting upset he just decided to make the most of his trip and not spend a lot of time in the actual house.


He went to bed that night only to be awakened by a strange man standing at the foot of the bed. The man started asking who he was and how he got into the house. Assante explained the how’s and why’s.


Apparently the strange man and the young woman, who listed the property, had some kind of dealings but she didn’t let the man know she was renting out the place. Upset by this, the man then took all of his things from the house. When we say ALL, we mean TV’s, bed frames, etc. All of this while Assante was still at the house for his booked stay.


Assante proceeds to call the girl who he booked through and she made up an excuse that she was busy and couldn’t talk. Once the strange man put her on notice that he was also at the house, the woman hung up.


In the end, Assante was able to get some assistance from Airbnb. The story begins around the 12 minute mark below. You’ll laugh, you’ll be puzzled, and you’ll find yourself saying “What the hell?!” Enjoy.



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