In a feat that many thought he was not going to be able to pull off, Julius Stukes Jr. has (yet again) proved his naysayers wrong.

Over the summer, Julius became a trending topic when he traveled from New York to Los Angeles for BET Awards Weekend on an 8-day work trip. His budget for the trip was only $250. By the end of his visit, he was able to leave with about $50 or so left.

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This time, Julius returned to the city where his budget challenge all started, Atlanta, GA for the A3C Festival.

Julius’ budget for his trip to Atlanta was $150. He would be staying in the city for 8 days.

Day 1 began on October 8, 2019, where he cut into his $150 budget by spending $10.30 on an Uber ride from the airport. Fortunately, it was an Uber Pool. The original tab would have been $20.60.

Day 1 continued with yet another shared Uber ride, this time spending only $2.60. It looks like Julius has learned one helpful tool for saving money while traveling: Uber Pool is your friend!

The next stop was Walmart, where Julius picked up some groceries for dinner and breakfast. Rather than relying on eating out, he opted to cook some meals instead. Julius spends $22.27 at Walmart. He regrets it, but was it really a bad decision?

For the record, the groceries included oatmeal, bananas, water, wine, etc.

A few shared Uber rides later and Julius has concluded Day 1.

Now begins Day 2, and of course, it wouldn’t be A3C Festival if you didn’t hit up any events. Julius hitches a ride with generous friends which saves him some coins today.

But if you’ve ever been to A3C, you better believe the Uber Rides soon begin to pile up.

Luckily, Julies makes friends with some women who were nice enough to buy him drinks!

When in Atlanta, it’s only right you hit Waffle House after the club, especially when you can get a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich for $3.27.

Day 3 started off as a pretty easy going day for Julius. A friend called his Uber for him, then he scored a free breakfast at an A3C event and a friend paid for their group’s dinner.

Julius even experienced public transportation in Atlanta for the first time. For someone who is used to New York’s Subway system, this was quite the experience.

He also scored some more free food!

So far he’s spent $94.06 of his $150 budget, which is looking a little scary for Julius who now has to make $55 stretch for 2 days and just spent $15 on liquor and wine.

Julius’ budget manages to make it through brunch unscathed.

And on Day 7 out of Day 8, Julius spends $10.19.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to worry about spending too much on food. Julius was treated to a hearty meal at Old Lady Gang by a friend.

By the conclusion of Julius’ trip to Atlanta, he was heading back to New York with $27.08 left of the $150 the allotted for his trip.

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