Drop everything you’re doing and head to Google Flights to see if you can score one of the cheap flights we just found to Mumbai, India.

We’re not sure how long this deal will last, but folks flying from Los Angeles can get a flight to India for travel this fall for as little as $570 when flying on Air China. The flight includes a short layover in Beijing.

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India is one of the most expensive countries to fly to from the United States, so round-trip flights that are less than $600 are rare to find. We also found flights from New York for $529 and Chicago from $677 round-trip on United, so it’s worth it to see if there is a deal from your local airport. Every city we searched for had a sale, so you’ll have to do some digging to find a deal from your departure city. Though Mumbai is far from the beautiful city of Jaipur, it’s worth it to book a flight to visit the city since travel within India is cheap.

Here’s the thing about the flights on Air China: They’re not listed when you search on Google Flights right away. To see the deals, you must put in your departure airport and select the travel dates highlighted in green, which may be higher than the flights we found in the 500s. Once you select the dates, the Air China flight will pop up and be much lower than the flights you originally selected. It’s a bit complicated, but with flights this cheap, it’s worth a try. Try our sample flight itinerary here or try to search on Expedia, which is where you’ll be lead to book the flight.