When we first had our son, we barely left the house, let alone boarded an airplane. We worried it was too sunny, too cold, too noisy, too dirty, too everything. Among the many concerns as new parents, your newborn getting sick is high on the list. But here’s the deal, assuming that parent and baby are healthy, it’s best to wait until your newborn is at least two weeks old before taking that first flight together. Some airlines may allow travel earlier, but it is not recommended.

Every parent may have their own set of concerns when traveling with a newborn, but here are a few to certainly keep in mind if you are thinking about booking that ticket. And when in doubt, consult with your child’s pediatrician for their professional opinion as well for tips on how to keep your child healthy while traveling.


Cold, flu, and other viruses can be transmitted easily on airplanes due to the lack of fresh airflow. These viruses are much more dangerous for infants, and it’s not worth the risk of exposing them to these potentially harmful germs.

Mom’s Health

It’s important that the mother is healthy and recovered from labor and delivery before air travel. Since women are at greater risk of problems, such as blood clots in the legs after delivering a baby. Waiting for approval at your postpartum doctor’s appointment would be ideal. This is usually four to six weeks after delivery.


There are many discomforts newborns can experience as they adapt to their new environment, making them unpredictably fussy and irritable. Changes in cabin pressure that are guaranteed during takeoff and landing can add additional discomfort for your baby’s ears. It may not be worth the stress to have to deal with this so early in your newborn’s life