There are several ways to use travel websites to determine inclusivity. It isn’t always easy to know how comfortable one is going to feel on vacation. Going with a mixed- race friend group on a trip may lead to suddenly feel unwelcome by staff or locals. When planning a vacation, there are a few simple ways to find out if the travel company puts diversity and inclusion at the forefront of their business by looking on their website.

It’s always such a treat to open up a travel website and see Black people representing the brand. The first, and easiest thing to look for are images and videos of diverse people on the company’s website. A mix of people is great to see. Seeing any kind of visual diversity on a website is a good sign that the travel brand is inclusive.

Then, look for travel companies whose services are geared toward the local rituals and traditions performed by locals. Check for ethnically diverse services geared toward Black travelers. A good example would be curly hair masks in a spa.

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Using Travel Websites To Determine Inclusivity

Look into the travel company’s mission statement and ‘about us’ section through their website. Find out who is at the top of the company through this section. Seeing a diverse board can point to a diverse and inclusive experience. If diversity is lacking here, check the mission statement. There may be more to the story than meets the eye. There could still be inclusivity within the ranks and at the front end, where it matters the most.

Last, check the company’s social media site. At the bottom of the webpage, there’s usually a row of icons that link to the travel company’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Check out their pages’ tagged images to see the actual customers who tagged themselves while at the business. This one works really well with hotels.

Even if there isn’t any online evidence that suggests the travel company is inclusive, don’t be afraid to go anyway. It’s time Black people go wherever they want to go on vacation. Bring the diversity if the travel company doesn’t already have it. Then, report back using social media and reviews, to let everyone know how it went. If it goes well, great! Others can feel more confident booking. If it doesn’t go well. Then, the travel company is held accountable for the major faux pas.