Airlines have been busy reducing their economy fares, especially with the addition of the basic economy fare class. However, trying to get a first-class or business-class seat at a low price is not the usual.


While it may not be common, it’s definitely not impossible. Check out this guide on how to score free flight upgrades during your next flight.


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Use the special occasion excuse

Some gate agents have a soft spot for those flying for special reasons. Whether it’s for a honeymoon, birthday, or anniversary, gate agents will sometimes provide passengers with free perks because of it. It is best to arrive at your gate early to speak with the agent rather than doing it right before boarding.


Volunteer to give up your seat.

Many airlines oversell seats. On the day of the flight, they will ask for people to give up their seat in exchange for vouchers and other perks. If you have the flexibility, volunteer to fly on a later flight. In addition to the voucher offered, negotiate for other flight upgrades for your wait.


Bid on upgrades through the airline website.

When airlines are unable to sell out their premium seats, they will allow economy passengers to bid for an upgrade. It is best to submit a low bid as opposed to a high one, so you don’t end up overpaying. This option is not available for every airline so check the website or call customer service first.


Use your airline miles.

This is not exactly free, but it saves you money. If you already purchased an economy ticket and decide you want a little more comfort, you can use your airline miles to upgrade to a premium class. Each airline, route, and destination will vary on the amount, just ask.


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Look for a glitch fare.

As mentioned in our piece, How To Take Advantage Of Glitch Fares: A Guide, travelers can luck up on significantly reduced fares through glitches. You will simply need to follow flight deal sites for this one and there is no pattern for how often business-class or first-class errors may pop up. Just be ready for when they do.