Generation Alpha are known as the children of the millennial generation. They were born after 2010 and are predicted to be the most wealthy, formally educated and longest-living generation yet.

This generation is even starting to influence their family’s travel decision.

A study by Expedia entitled, “Generation Alpha & Family Travel Trends” was recently released and it highlights the influence and impacts this generation is having on travel.

The survey included 9,000 travelers across nine countries — including the U.S., UK, Australia, and Brazil.

It was found that on average, families with members from Generation Alpha traveled more than three times per year with plane and car being the preferred modes of transportation.

The study also found that the families with Generation Alphas spent an average amount of 6.9 days on vacation with 68% of their vacation being in their country of residence.

28% of the vacations were intended for family play, 27% for relaxation, 13% for visiting loved ones and 11% for exploring a new destination.

74% of families were influenced by Generation Alphas to visit theme parks and attractions while on vacation.

It was also revealed what influenced Generation Alpha’s travel opinions: seeing photos of places online, information that highlighted kid-friendly attractions and what they heard from family and friends.

9 out of 10 say that they include their Generation Alpha family members when planning a trip.