With soaring air travel bookings and overcrowded beaches, Honolulu is becoming a sanctuary for those eager travelers who are looking to escape from the limiting reality under the pandemic.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority screened 221,605 trans-Pacific passengers that arrived in Hawaii between March 1 and March 18. These rising statistics are a combination of spring break travelers and people who received their COVID-19 vaccination.

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The uptake in Hawai’i travel is restoring the COVID-19-related damages that occurred within the travel industry which resulted in major business and travel closures. With the reopening of many local businesses, Honolulu’s economy is being revived while foreign consumers take advantage of the lack of crowds.

The ease of pressure from the pandemic is leading to much-needed momentum for businesses who commonly benefit from the dollars of thousands of visitors.

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The continuous flow of travelers isn’t being interrupted by the strict pre-COVID-19 test standards that outline a mandatory negative result to be provided before entry into Honolulu to avoid the 10-day self-quarantine.

With the new form of quarantine escapism becoming leisure travel, Honolulu and Waikiki beach have allowed bars to be open until midnight for travelers to experience, while theme parks and zoos are fully functional.

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Honolulu’s billion dollar travel economy took a massive blow due to the ramifications of the pandemic which hindered visitors from splurging on Hawaii’s popular tourist attractions, activities, and hotels. This led to the island becoming one of the places with the highest unemployment rates in the United States after the Coronavirus endangered their energetic tourist community.

With restrictions lifting more and as Hawaii’s COVID-19 cases dwindle day-by-day, the local economy will be able to replenish financial losses from 2020.