Flights to Hong Kong are on sale and you can get seats on major airlines for less than $500 if you know where to look.

We just searched on Google Flights and came across many flights from the US to Hong Kong that could have you in Asia this month or this fall. If you’re in Los Angeles, now is a great time to take advantage of flights that are in the mid 400s on airlines like Hong Kong Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and United for travel in May or August through March 2019.

The deals from the West Coast to Hong Kong don’t stop there. There are also autumn flights from San Francisco starting at $517 on Cathay Pacific, flights starting at $598 from San Diego, and flights from Seattle starting at $537 on Asiana.

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Folks on the East Coast are in luck, too! Those in New York and Chicago can score a flight to Hong Kong for $578 on Eva Air, airfare from Dulles is in the low to mid 700s, and if you’re in Boston, be on the lookout for flights that cost around $700.

We also spotted flight deals for Houston, Atlanta, Austin, and nearly every major city we searched for, so there’s a good chance you’ll find a flight deal near you if you live near a major airport. Luckily, you don’t need a visa to visit Hong Kong if you have an American passport and plan on staying for less than 90 days, so to find a flight that works for you, use our sample flight itinerary here.