2020 has certainly been a year of firsts. But here’s one first that’s worth celebrating. Strict cannabis laws in Hong Kong didn’t stop one café from opening its doors with a full range of CBD products for sale. Located in Hong Kong’s Sheung Wan area, is Hong Kong’s very first CBD café.

According to CNN, “Mini-boxes of powders allow buyers to add CBD to foods, sprinkling some into oils and butters will infuse dishes with cannabinoids. There are also CBD products for pets to help with joint inflammation and other conditions.”

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In Hong Kong, cannabinoids are still highly illegal, but CBD is an extract from cannabis plants and has a psychoactive, but non-intoxicating effect. In Hong Kong, the CBD extract is technically legal, but its sister compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), responsible for the “high,” is strictly illegal. Any CBD product sold in Hong Kong must have entirely undetectable amounts of THC and Found’s CBD extracts are pure enough to meet local laws on cannabinoids.

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“While Hong Kong has a deeply ingrained culture of taking herbal remedies for health conditions and general wellness, there is mostly a stigma against anything related to cannabinoids,” states CNN Travel. “Cannabis is part of ancient traditional therapies around Asia, from Thailand to India to China, but over the years, criminalization of the plants has led the public to shun its usage in any form.”

Grab a seat on the outdoor terrace and sip on beer or coffee with a hint of CBD to ease anxiety, aid in sleep, and take the edge off of a hectic day. Currently, Found is still in its soft-opening phase with plans to be fully open by next month.