Annually, November and December are very busy months for travel. Many people take this time to visit family and friends during the holidays or head to an island to escape the chilling winter weather. 

Under normal circumstances, the season for planning holiday travel would be now, but since the pandemic has shaken things up this year, planning travel looks a lot different. 

Travelers will now have to navigate various travel restrictions as well as health screenings while being mindful of social distancing. 

Popular travel site Expedia understands how different this year looks for travelers and has provided tips for how to make holiday travel more seamless. 

According to Nisreene Atassi, Sr. Director at Expedia, “So many people rely on travel during the holidays and winter months — for relaxation, recreation, or as a time to reconnect with lord ones. Like so many other things this year, the holidays may not look the same. But for those who want or need to get away, we don’t want the uncertainty and planning process to be a source of stress. We’ve made several key updates to our site to ensure we are delivering flexible travel solutions and highlighting health and safety information. We want to give travelers the tools they need to be able to make plans they feel confident and excited about this holiday season.”

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The earlier you book holiday travel this year, the more likely you are to save money. Prices will be generally lower in September and begin to increase in October until December. The good thing is, prices are significantly lower this year compared to holiday travel rates last year. 

If you’re not ready to hop on a flight yet, a great option is to rent a car. Rental companies have been implementing strict sanitation measures and rates are lower than usual. 

For the best rate, choose a pick-up date on the Friday or Saturday before Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Having open flexibility in terms of dates and times of your flights will help you find the best rates on airfare and accommodations. 

Make sure to book flights and accommodations that have free cancellation policies and are refundable.