Mega retailer H&M has partnered with South African designer Palesa Mokubung in its first-ever collaboration with an African designer.

Mokubung’s brand, Mantsho, was created by the Johannesburg-based designer in 2004. Since then, then Mantsho label has appeared worldwide, gracing runways in the U.S., India, and Greece.

The word Mantsho in Mokubung’s native language of Sesotho translates to “Black is beautiful.”

A statement released by H&M and Mantsho shares, “Mantsho x H&M is an exciting collection celebrating the elegance and vibrancy of Africa with modern edgy designs created for the stylish carefree woman.”

The joint collection introduces South African traditional prints to the world. Launched on August 15, there are women’s clothing and accessories featuring a rich and vivid color palette.

“I hope customers around the world will enjoy the ensemble of my stand out pieces from my last three collections,” says Mokubung in a statement.

The collection is available online and in stores in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Israel, and Belgium.

H&M says in a statement: “We are so excited to share this collection with our customers across the globe.”