If touring some of the world’s amazing places is your mission then Mexico City could easily be your next destination. Famous for their love for wrestling, Mexico City has one of the fascinating cultures in the world. A visit to Mexico City, cannot be memorable and satisfying without taking the time to explore this beautiful and historically rich place. To start, you might not want to leave Mexico City without trying some of their local delicacies. That’s because UNESCO named the traditional Mexican cuisine an intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2010. Make sure to check out some of these local and declisous Mexican dishes.


This is the perfect  food to eat after a long night of fun. Known to cure a hangover, Birria is usually served the day after a night of celebration. You can find it being sold in the streets of Mexico City where most people take it to regain energy. You should know that Birria is prepared using mutton or goat meat. You should, however, know that if you are preparing this exquisite meal by yourself, you can use beef or pork and even mix different meat if you want.

Mexican Picadillo

These are fine pieces of meat cubes cooked together with vegetables and sometimes fruits. It can be served as the main course or used to fill tacos, tamale and more. It is healthy food thanks to the fact that the fruits and vegetable together with the meat creates a complete balanced diet.


Chilorio is simply Sinaloan pork marinated in chile sauce that is made from dry chile. The dish is cooked with several other spices that can make it a plate to savor. However, you can always decide on which spices you would like to have on your Chilorio especially if you are looking for a different kind of taste experience, or just happen to find yourself to be a picky eater.

Pibil Polo

Pibil polo is one of the most popular dishes in Mexico. With a distinctive flavor acquired from bitter orange, this is one of a kind chicken that is quite impossible to get in other parts of the world. The chicken is marinated  for several hours in local spices, then steamed in banana leaves.

Caramel Flan

Not only is this dish famous in Mexico, but it is also served for dessert all over Latin America. Its creamy nature makes it the perfect way to finish your meal. Its soothing mouth taste will make you relax as you wait for your stomach to begin digesting all that you’ve already have eaten.

Very many people in the world dream of visiting Mexico City. When planning your trip, you will want to have an organized schedule especially if you plan on staying for a short time. With hundreds of other exciting things to do like experiencing the nightlife in Mexico, it can be quite addictive. Exploring the rich culture and traditional practices of Mexicans will open up your mind and show you a part of Mexico City that you rarely shown on the news. Additionally, the people of Mexico are welcoming and ready to teach you their ways.