The main thing that has attracted millions of tourists around the world to visit Egypt is the incredible pyramids of Giza. The pyramids of Giza are one of the greatest Seven Wonders of the World. Ancient pyramids are believed to have supernatural spirits that roam in them. However, many tourists miss grasping the real beauty of the beautiful city of Cairo.

Instead of taking a few days touring Egypt, you might want to prolong your stay in Cairo for a couple more days.

The Egyptian Museum

From what movies tell us, the Egyptian museum is full of artifacts that are still relevant to some of the natural occurrences that happen today. Truth or not, you have to make sure to visit the museum when in Cairo. Egypt is one of the ancient countries in the world making it one of the richest in history as well. In the museum, you are likely to find mind-blowing information.


Located some 15KM from the city of Cairo, Saqqara step pyramid is the first ever pyramid building in Egypt. Dating one hundred years older than the pyramid in Giza, Saqqara is one of those places many tourists leave Cairo before visiting. The incredible Saqqara pyramid is said to have fourteen doors, but only one entry can access the pyramid. Finding out which door it should be one of the things you need to accomplish when making your plan to visit Cairo.


Memphis was the capital of Egypt in an ancient Kingdom. It is also one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites and the best open-air museum for you to learn more about Egyptian culture. Although it seems abandoned, visiting Memphis is of significance because it has some of the best ancient masonry works. The giant sculpture of Pharaoh is also in Memphis, and it has the most intimate look of the pharaoh that you will ever get anywhere in the world.

Tahrir Square

Although it is not the main attraction site for tourists, Tahrir Square is one place that Egypt has witnessed revolutions take place. In 2011, Tahrir Square was the center of protests against the former president, Hosni Mubarak. Mohamed Morsi’s rule was also ended with Tahrir playing a significant role. Located just in front of the Egyptian museum, you might want to take some time to walk around this modern historical square.

Museum of Islamic art

With over 100,000 items on display, the Museum of Islamic art in Cairo is one of those places that you will never find anywhere else in the world. After undergoing renovations, the museum is today upgraded to offer both ancient and modern Islamic art from all over the world. It bears a rich historical culture of Egyptians and the right place for you to learn fascinating things about Islamic art.

While only a few places have been mentioned here, you should know that Cairo has hundreds of hidden historical treasures that are ideal for tourist visits. From pyramids to art museums, Cairo’s historic treasures are merely one of a kind.