It can sometimes be difficult to remember that there are decent people among us. According to Loop News, a Jamaican taxi driver put himself in danger in order to save a suicidal woman in his car. Thanks to his fast thinking, and that of the police, the woman survived.

What Happened?

According to Loop News, “it was a normal end of work day for Dane Turner, a taxi driver who operates in the Corporate Area, while taking passengers to Half-Way-Tree from Chancery Street.”

After he dropped off other passengers, there was one woman left in his car. He happened to look back and noticed that she was bleeding from a self-inflicted razor blade cut.


How Did Turner Respond?

Turner knew he had to be careful how he responded.

He gently questioned her, and the woman was frank about wanting to end things.

“I decided that I couldn’t let her leave the car and hurt herself, so I started driving her around,” Turner said. “She said she wanted to go downtown, but I think that once she got to her destination she would hurt herself.”

Turner Drove All Over Kingston

He offered the woman something to eat or drink, but she wasn’t interested. Turner knew he had to get the authorities involved, but he had to make sure she didn’t catch on to the plan.

As he drove through the capital, he did all he could to get police attention.

“I broke stoplights, drive through stop signs and no police stopped me,” he explained. “When that didn’t work, I disconnected one of my front lights and drove on Mandela Highway.”


Eventually The Police Did Intervene

A group of police stopped the car on the highway and questioned Turner. At first, they didn’t believe his story.

Loop News reported, “Turner managed to convince two of the senior police officers on the team, and they came up with a plan to get the passenger out of the car and get her help.”

They convinced the woman in the car that Turner’s vehicle needed to be checked for weapons. They asked her to exit the car.

When she did, the police noticed the blades and blood.

The woman was distraught about losing her job and being homeless. She saw no way forward.

Turner Regretted Nothing

He told Loop News, “my conscience couldn’t allow me to walk away. I know I couldn’t bear it if I was to put her out of my vehicle and then I see her on the news dead.”

Turner still had to pay a fine in Traffic Court, but for him, it was worth it.

As fate would have it, he saw the same woman again later. She thanked him for caring, and said that she’s been working on self-improvement.