Shortly after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in as President and Vice President of the United States, one of the first executive orders President Biden signed was lifting the ban on travel to the US by citizens from majority-Muslim countries.

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“This ban, which restricted [the] issuance of visas to individuals from many Muslim and African countries, was nothing less than a stain on our nation,” said Jake Sullivan, the incoming national security adviser.

The move won praises by many across the continent as Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan, Eritrea, Egypt, Libya, and Tanzania are all impacted, but it comes to no surprise.

The Biden-Harris Agenda For The African Diaspora

While campaigning, Biden and Harris made the African diaspora a top priority.

“The African diaspora community is one of America’s most diverse communities, inclusive of people who speak multiple languages, come from different socioeconomic backgrounds, and practice various faiths,” a statement reads on the website. “While unique on some fronts, culturally, people of African descent also share similar values: supporting their families, creating opportunities for their communities, and contributing to America’s growth and prosperity.”

On foreign policy, President Biden and Vice President Harris promise to renew the United States’ mutually respectful engagement toward Africa with a strategy towards economic growth, trade, and investment.

The new administration also plans to continue the Young African Leaders Initiative and deepen America’s commitment to engage with Africa’s dynamic young leaders, and restore America’s historic commitment as a place of refuge for those fleeing war or persecution.

You can take a look at the policy proposal in detail here.

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