This decade is quickly coming to an end and so are your opportunities to catch a cheap trip!

According to Fox News, only about 28 percent of American workers use all the vacation time they’ve got coming, so they may feel they don’t have time to fly. And those of us who do have plenty of time, thanks to retirement, aren’t sure we can afford to fly.

If you haven’t been taking advantage of all the time your accumulated, or just need a break, we urge you to do so simply for your own personal well-being.

Flights prices can range from ‘doable’ to ‘are you crazy!?’ If you want to get a whiff of some new air before the new year, here are the upcoming flight “Deal Zones”…

November Deal Zone: This falls roughly in the first half of the month, before people begin to fly for Thanksgiving.

December Deal Zone: This begins right after Thanksgiving travelers return home, around Dec. 4, and continues through mid-December, when Christmas/New Year’s travel gets underway.

FYI: Deal Zones indicate when you should be flying, not when its time to actually buy a ticket. Ideally, flights should be purchased a few weeks in advance – a month or so in advance if you’re looking for an international escape.

Some examples of upcoming deals include:

  • Baltimore – Ft. Myers, $113
  • Chicago – Miami, $59; New Orleans, $80
  • Cleveland – Ft. Lauderdale, $60
  • Los Angeles – Las Vegas, $49; Albuquerque, NM $117
  • New York – Denver, $67; Wash DC, $119; San Juan, Puerto Rico, $112

These were found just this week and listed on Fox News; prices are for round-trip flights in the November or December Deal Zone (and in some cases, prices are good for both).