If you’re thinking about a quick getaway in the near future, Thanksgiving is a great time to travel. This is especially true for those of you low on vacation days. If you combine the weekend, Thanksgiving and Black Friday together, that could mean an easy five-day vacation without using all your PTO.

That’s the good news. The bad news, however, is that you will end up paying too much money if you delay purchasing that flight.  

Travel Noire has you covered. Here are four ways to save money on a flight for traveling around Thanksgiving.

Purchase Tickets Now

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular times in the U.S. and airlines know that travelers are willing to pay more. Tickets will begin rising in September and by the end of the month, tickets will be higher than normal.

If you purchase later and the destination you’re heading to isn’t too far,  sometimes flying out on Thanksgiving can be cheaper but it comes it with risks, including delays.

Know When To Fly

Speaking of flying out on Thanksgiving, it’s important to know when to book.

According to USA Today, the departing Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, and return Saturday, Nov. are cheap days to travel for short trips. For longer trips, fly the Saturday before the holiday and depart the Tuesday after the holiday.

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But Tickets Before These Two Price Hikes

According to travel analysts from USA Today,  the third week of September and the fourth week of October are the most expensive times to purchase tickets.  

Compare Fares

Remember when Travel Noire told you about ways to catch a last-minute travel deal and that part about comparing fares? Well, that piece of advice remains for scoring the best deals around Thanksgiving.   NerdWallet analysts suggest using these multi-search engines to compare deals but also cross-check their rates with prices offered directly from the airline and hotels.