Travel has become a lot easier with the integration of websites helping travelers find the cheapest flights and accommodations. Google is great at anticipating the wants of travelers and has launched features such as Google Flights. 

The search engine has added features for booking a hotel and is phasing out the need for a travel agent. 

Now when you head to, you’ll be greeted by features that make planning travel a breeze.

For example, the “when to visit” and “what you’ll pay” tabs give you insights into the cheapest times to visit the destination of your dreams. 

In addition, you’ll be able to get personal information about your travel habits such as where you’ve stayed before and if there are hotels similar to where you’ve stayed in other cities. 

Best of all, the site remembers you — this means that if you close your browser, you won’t lose the progress you’ve made on planning your trip. 

With all of these additions, Google is sure to make the travelers very happy.