James Brown contributed so much to music in his day. It’s no surprise that even almost 14 years after his passing, fans are still finding ways to learn more about him and honor his legacy.

If you are a fan or you simply want to learn more about his personal life and contributions as an artist, then you’ll want to take a trip to Augusta, Georgia.

The city was a significant piece of Brown’s life, so it was only right that it pays homage to him.

Start out at the Augusta Museum of History where you will find on display, a one-of-a-kind James Brown Exhibit that features rare memorabilia and personal artifacts that vividly tell the story of The Godfather of Soul’s life.

Courtesy of Visit Augusta

Everything from costumes, artifacts, interviews with Brown, records, images, and audio-visual stations which highlight concert performances, albums, and studio recordings.

After you explore the museum, check out the life-size bronze statue of Brown in the downtown area. There is also a camera at the statue that will take your photo next to the icon and send it to your phone instantly.

Courtesy of Visit Augusta

There are several eateries and restaurants in the area that also honor the musician through special dishes named after him or the songs he created.

For an even more authentic experience, take a private tour led by Deanna Brown, Brown’s daughter. She will take you to some of her father’s favorite hangout spots while in Augusta.

Finally, end the day at The Soul Bar Augusta to catch local musicians covering Brown’s catalog in their own way.