I stood about 15 feet back but the intense 2,000 degree heat warmed my cheekbones as I squinted to get a look in the oven.  This amazing production was taking place in front of my eyes and I stared in amazement at the melting and shaping of the glass experiment.

What excited me most was the fact that I could do it myself and guess what? So can you! If you want to do something artistic and memorable or even make a generational gift for your family then Glass Blowing is for you.

DC Glass Works offers a unique experience for all levels of artists interested in glass blowing. This amazing place nestled in Hyattsville, M.D.

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About 15 min out of D.C., has been around since 2001. They provide beginners classes (kids can do it too!) with an experience of making glass paper weights. In addition to classes, DC Glass Works provides an outlet for artists. Many artists rent spaces in the building and use them as exhibition areas for the pieces made just steps away from their displays.

The pieces made here are absolutely amazing and with the awesome teachers and of course diligent practice, I’m sure you will be on your way to making original beautiful glass projects. If you’re in the DC area by yourself or with a group, do something different, make glass.

Please visit www.dcglassworks.com for upcoming specials and schedules.