2022 isn’t looking that good for airlines, however, that isn’t the case for all airlines internationally. While we’re super familiar with Delta, Spirit, Frontier, and American Airlines that are primarily listed on most travel sites there is a plethora of airlines that go where you may want to go and you don’t even know it. When traveling abroad these are the five airlines that can take you from point A to B not only economically but save you some of this domestic grief.

TAP Air Portugal

Photo Credit: TAP Air Portugal

The Portuguese airline with hubs located in Lisbon and Porto airports, averages about 2500 flights a week, to 34 countries worldwide. Also known as an economy airline in Europe with fares between France and Portugal as low as $50 – $70. TAP is also a part of the Star Alliance, alongside United Airlines and Air Canada.


Photo Credit: Ryanair

Considered as one of Europe’s cheapest airlines, Ryanair is the equivalent to Spirit. With flights to most major European countries for a fraction of what the major airlines cost. If you plan to spend a month traveling through Europe, definitely research flights via Ryanair’s website for deals.


Photo Credit: VietJet

VietJet flies to 23 international destinations within Asia and Southeast Asia. Based in Vietnam, you can travel to cities such as Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, and many other destinations.

Eva Air

Photo Credit: Eva Air

Based in Taiwan, Eva Air flies to 40 international destinations across the world. Including Australia, Europe, and North America. Also an affiliate within the Star Alliance, you should search for Eva Air whenever you decide to take on some real world traveling.


Photo Credit: Avianca

The second oldest airline in the western hemisphere established in 1919. Avianca flies to some of the most popular major cities in Latin America with affordable flights leaving from New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Explore South America with Avianca and save a bundle!