The 2024 Paris Olympic Games is one of the most anticipated sports events in history. According to the Tourist Information Center, the City of Light is expecting to welcome over a million visitors. The city is also welcoming 10,500 athletes and 4,400 para-athletes from 206 delegations.

The upcoming summer extravaganza looks like it will be a mesmerizing show that goes beyond Paris itself. Although Paris will be the center of attention, other famous cities in France also will be spotlighted. From the busy streets of Marseille to the pretty streets of Lille, each city is looking forward to hosting exciting sporting events. For the first time, the Olympic Games’ opening ceremony will be held outside of the stadium. Organizers are promising to be grandiose, featuring the parade of athletes on the Seine River.

A study done by Deloitte anticipates that prices in the region will go up by 85 percent during the Olympic Games.

2024 Paris Olympic Games Economic Impact

According to a study by Deloitte, The Olympic Games will have a major economic impact on France. It anticipates bringing in over €1 billion during the Olympics. This includes income from Airbnb hosts, profits from the hospitality industry and local businesses, and indirect effects on different parts of the economy. Municipalities and tax authorities can expect to get back €70 million in tax money.

According to the country’s official statistics agency, overnight stays in hotels and other short-term accommodations went up 12.6 percent. The National Institute for Statistics reported in its latest tourism barometer that tourism was helped by a big rise in visitors from the United Kingdom.