Imagine floating through the sky in a 197-foot mega yacht attached to a blimp three times that length, a blimp and yacht combo called the AirYacht. Then, watching the blimp float down close enough to the water to be hoisted down to launch the boat. Lines then separate the ship from the blimp, and the two can go off on their own. The master plan was initially imagined by Guillaume Hoddé and Matthieu Ozanne, drafted by Darnet Design and then executed by Lazzarini, a Swiss design company that focuses on custom created marine pieces.

The blimp, called, “airship” can float at almost 10,000 feet above the earth while cruising along at over 50 miles an hour. The hybrid propulsion system allows the blimp to float for up to a week.


As for the residence? This three-story dream mega yacht has a clean, lustrous energy with plenty of space to feel at home. The living room alone is around 800 square feet. Bring up to 11 other friends and play and ride on all the water toys. Go for a swim in the pool, relax in the jacuzzi. Exercise in the gym. Take the helicopter to dinner on land. Or when docked, take one of the cars from the garage to explore the city.


Similar to the concept of the Zeppelin (pictured on the cover of this article), the mega yacht sits right under the blimp and the two can fly as one. Or, the blimp and boat can act as separate pieces. Without any engines, the yacht depends on the blimp to move through the water. It dips it in and then pulls it along like a tug boat.

The collaborative mission is to bring the ability to explore both coastal and inland attractions seamlessly. Darnet Design explains, “You can now not only cruise the coast, but you can also go everywhere inland: deserts, mountains, lakes… everywhere. With AirYacht, we have pushed the limits of the impossible, as Jules Verne or Leonard de Vinci did a few centuries ago.” The AirYacht is available to order today and will be delivered sometime in 2026.