Nothing says a prosperous year like a little extra cash in your pocket.

A bank in Fort Myers, Florida has decided to bless customers today at a local ATM.

Throughout the day, customers who withdraw cash at the Sanibel Captiva Community Bank ATM (1533 Hendry Street, Unit 100 ) in downtown, may get lucky and get $50 bills instead of $20s.

The bank blesses people with the extra $30 each year as a way to celebrate their annual River District Alliance’s New Year’s Eve Downtown Countdown.

“In the past we’ve had such a great response with our $20s-for-$50s ATM swap, we thought why not do it again to give back to the community we love,” Amy McQuagge, Sanibel Captiva Community Bank vice president, told WFTX.

If you are in or near the area, it is definitely worth the drive. But, it’s only for New Year’s Eve.

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