You may have noticed that airlines have fewer perks than they used to and it’s not all in your head. In the early years of flying, you would be able to change a flight and carry bags on the flight without extra charges — now, you are charged for every little thing.

There are other perks that have disappeared and there are reasons why those perks have. It may seem as though airfare prices haven’t been increased but the real tea is they have. We just don’t notice because airlines ended up keeping the same prices of airfare and charging extra for amenities. 

Essentially, airlines have stripped down perks to make money, resulting in you spending more.

Here is a list of amenities that you have lost, according to USA TODAY:

Carry-On Bag

On some airlines, checking in a bag now costs money. However, it was once included in the price of your airfare. 

Basic Amenities

Airlines use to include items like blankets, drinks, food, and pillows on flights but now those flying in the main cabin may have to pay extra. 

Matt Woodley, a frequent hotel guest tells USA TODAY, “Many budget airlines will sell you blankets and pillows, allowing you to keep them after the flight is over. This is terribly impractical because the blankets are generally of lower quality and nobody wants to lug around a large blanket emblazoned with JetBlue on it.”

Ticket Changes

A few years ago, if you wanted to change your ticket, you could do so for free or at a very small charge. Currently, changes can result in you paying just as much as the value of the original ticket you bought. 

Seat Reservations

If you’re booking a ticket in basic economy, expect to pay when choosing a seat. 

A way to avoid these absurd charges is to inquire with airlines prior to flying about what is included in their ticket prices.