If you’re looking to kick-off the new year with cheap flight deals, two major airlines have rolled out flight deals to popular destinations for as low as $59 one-way.

Norwegian Air announced earlier this week that it would run a limited-time sale for travel between Jan. 14 and Mar. 31. Travelers have until Jan. 18 to catch flights to Europe and the Caribbean for as low as $99 one-way.

A statement on the company’s website says that the offer does not apply for weekends or public holidays during the travel periods.

JetBlue is also running a winter flight sale until Jan. 9.  Flights are priced as low as $49 for one-way from Jan. 19 through April 10. Blackout dates on JetBlue during this deal are from Feb.19 through Feb. 20.

Here are the cheapest options:

Norwegian Air Flight Options

Departure cities on Norwegian Air include Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Tampa.

Here are some of the cheapest options:

From New York City:

Flights to Amsterdam are priced at $139 one-way and Guadeloupe for $59 one-way.

From Miami: 

A one-way flight to Paris is priced at $159 one-way and Martinique for $59. 

From Los Angeles:

One way flights to Barcelona, Copenhagen, and London from Los Angeles start at $159. 

JetBlue Flight Options

From Atlanta: 

One-way flights to Orlando start at $44, Boston is $74, and New York is priced at $107.

From Boston:

Boston has various flight options, including Mexico City for $129 one-way, Los Angeles for $164 one-way, and Aruba for $174 one-way.

From Long Beach: 

One-way flights to Boston start at $169, New York for $114, and Las Vegas for $54.

Keep in mind that while the flights are running cheap, a lot of them are one-way fares that sometimes include return fares priced for more than what you purchased for your departing ticket.

Another thing to keep in mind with, especially with low-budget airlines, are the baggage fees. JetBlue charges $30 for a checked bag.